DJ Prices: How much does it take to hire The Real DJ Steve

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I am aware that a Wedding is a big investment, and I do everything I can to make sure you get the most out of your investment.  And for the most happiness, you need high levels of guest participation and energy from the crowd.  I have perfected my process of getting to know each Bride & Groom as real people, and tailor my performances to each individual event.

My fees will be higher than the average Wedding DJ, and that’s because I provide a premium DJ service that produces exceptional results.  I’m not just throwing more and more lights on the dance floor, or bringing the biggest speakers I can find;  I’m sharing YOUR story, bringing YOUR friends and family together, and creating the Time of your Lives.  There is a difference, and people will notice it.

I know for a fact that you can find a Wedding DJ out there that charges half of what I do – don’t be surprised.  If you’re wondering why, to borrow some musical lyrics “If I gotta explain it to you, you ain’t never gonna understand.”  I’ve been doing this for over 20 years, working hard, perfecting my craft.  Someday, maybe some of those DJs will work their way up to my level and charge accordingly.

The easiest way to find out if I’m worth the premium price to you, is to go and meet one of those other DJs, then come in and talk to me.  If you can’t instantly tell the difference in quality, then don’t hire me.

I’m not really interested in being an “average” Wedding DJ – I want to be a part of the best day of your lives (so far).  If you want to remember your wedding day as the most fun you ever had, let’s get together.

I’m here to make your day SPECIAL.

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The Real DJ Steve is both a Las Vegas Wedding DJ and the head of United DJs Las Vegas.

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