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The Real DJ Steve, United DJs Las Vegas

Continuing to showcase some of my older mixxes

Hip Hop.  basically the reason for my DJ Name.   At weddings, I play what the peoplez want, but in my own personal life, anything goes.   Wedding Steve is my public persona, but if you want to know one side of The Real DJ Steve, listen to this.

My card is stamped #DJ4Life

here’s the original mixx notes

Mixx created on 09/14/2012


I wouldn’t play ANY of this at a Wedding in a million years. I probably wouldn’t even play this at a club. It’s a lot of offensive, explicit songs. This mixx is for people that rock it til the sun comes up, 4real. Don’t start playing this until 3 in tha morning -then it will make perfect sense.

Here’s a hint, if the first 11 seconds offend you, you better change the channel. Think of this as something guys would listen to at a bachelor party. I’ve got plenty of other mixes online if this is too much – don’t be hatin’.



  • 1 I’m On Patron by Paul Wall
  • 2 Shake It by Bone Crusher f. Ying Yang Twinz
  • 3 Don’t Know How To Act by Flo Rida
  • 4 I Smoke, I Drank by Body Head Bangersz
  • 5 Some Cut by Lil Scrappy
  • 6 Motel Room by Dirt Nasty
  • 7 Are We Cuttin by Pastor Troy
  • 8 Tipsy by J-Kwon
  • 9 Microphone Fiend by Rakim
  • 10 I’m Ill by Red Cafe
  • 11 Rack City by Tyga
  • 12 Put Your Drinks Down by Drag-On
  • 13 Love For That Music by JL (Of B-Hood)
  • 14 Break It Down by Juvenile
  • 15 Red Bottoms by Trina
  • 16 All About You by Pitbull
  • 17 Nu Jack by Cotton Club
  • 18 50,50,Here They Come by 69 Boyz


Las Vegas Wedding DJ: The Real DJ Steve

The Real DJ Steve is both a Las Vegas Wedding DJ and the head of United DJs Las Vegas.  For more information please check out:


United DJs Las Vegas


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